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Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers with 5 / 10 year warranty, BS Kitemarked, BAFE approval and CE marks. We also offer installation and servicing.

Smoke Alarms

Smoke, heat and replacement alarms from leading manufacturers, consisting of battery and mains powered units.

Dorgard & Fire Door Retainers

Legal solutions to holding open fire doors, including Dorgard door retainers, door magnets and related accessories.

Fire Exit Equipment

Exit door security products for safe escape without unauthorised access. Includes panic bolts, push bars and other door security.

CO Detectors

Carbon Monoxide detectors designed for residential use, available in battery & mains power options, with up to 10 year life.

Emergency Lighting & Signs

UK manufactured emergency lighting and illuminated exit signs, fire safety equipment signs, ID signs, action signs and many more.

Fireproof Safes & Storage

Fireproof safes, boxes and security safes, document cabinets, anti-arson products, key safes & other storage solutions.

Evacuation Chairs

Evacuation chairs allow one carer to easily move disabled persons, tackling corridors and stairs with ease. UK manufactured.

Fire Escape Ladders

Choose from the UK's largest range of portable and permanent fire escape ladders, escape ladder accessories and user harnesses.

Fire Door Closers

Door closers are designed to close fire doors once they have been opened and help limit the spread of fire throughout a building.

Site Alarms

A range of internal and external site alarms with multiple activation options and features, fire alarm bells, air horns and more.

Escape Hoods & Masks

Designed to help you and others escape to safety in case of a fire. Allows you 15 minutes to flee through potentially toxic gases.

Passive Fire Protection

Products designed to maintain and improve the fire integrity of a buildings structure and provide fire resistance to materials.

First Aid

A range of first aid kits, specialist first aid, replacements and refills, accessories and storage solutions and defibrillators and accessories.

Fixed and Portable Gas Detectors

Portable and fixed gas detection for business and personal use from leading manufacturers Drager, Honeywell and Crowcon.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Choose from a range of options to organise your fire extinguisher servicing. All of our options offer clear pricing with no hidden costs.

Anti-Arson Mailboxes

Anti-arson letterboxes and mail bags eliminate the threat of arson by containing any flammable substance and extinguishing it.

Training Courses

A range of training courses delivered by our own Safelincs trainer covering fire safety and health and safety requirements.

Nationwide PAT Testing Services

Our nationwide team of PAT testing engineers ensure that your electrical equipment meets the electrical safety requirements.

Safelincs Services

Safelincs provide a range of services and training courses to help organisations comply with the latest fire safety regs.

Tel: 042 9756509