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CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Detectors

CO2 Detectors are used to detect dangerous levels of CO2 in breweries, laboratories and cellars. CO2 levels of 1.5% can already cause hyperventilation and headaches. 10% CO2 levels can lead to death. Our portable and fixed CO2 monitors can detect the changes in the levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) within an enclosed area. The infrared CO2 sensor continuously measures CO2 levels and displays the reading on a clear backlit display. Units also provide a loud audio alarm. The detectors are manufactured by Crowcon, one of the UK's leading gas detection companies. (Did you look for carbon monoxide detectors?)

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Portable CO2 Detector Gasman with charger

  • Li-ion battery operated (included)
  • Suitable for mobile employees in factories, labs, cellars etc.
  • IP65 rating (water resistant)
  • Audible, visual and vibrating alarm

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CellAir Remote Display Unit

  • Designed for use with the CellAir mains powered CO2 detector
  • To be positioned outside the protected room
  • Displays the measurements taken by the main sensor unit
  • Up to 3 units can be used within one system
  • Can be positioned up to 24 metres away from the sensor

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