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Portable Escape Ladders

Portable Fire Escapes

Portable fire escape ladders are stored near the escape window and are deployed in an emergency. They can cover several windows

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External Escape Ladders

Fold Out Fire Escapes

The Saffold and Modum fold-out escape ladders are unobtrusive and easy to deploy. The installation is quick. 15 years warranty.

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Balcony Escape Ladders

Fire Escape Ladders for Balconies

These fire escape ladders are the ideal solution if you need to escape over the railings of a balcony in the event of a fire.

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Roof Window Ladders

Escape From Roof Window

A range of fire escape ladders suitable for escaping rooms of buildings fitted with Velux-style (loft/roof) windows.

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Dormer Window Ladders

Fire Escape Ladders for Dormer Windows

This range of portable and fixed fire escape ladders are suitable for escaping buildings fitted with Dormer windows.

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Fire Escape Accessories

Safety Harnesses

Safety harnesses for use with fire escape ladders along with storage and anchorage equipment.

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