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Professional Gas Detectors for Combustible Gases

Buy gas detectors to detect leakages of flammable gas such as piped Natural Gas or bottled gas (LPG gas). These gas alarms will notify you if for example a cooker hob has been left turned on without a flame or if the gas oven flame has blown out. We also sell gas detectors for boats to detect dangerous concentration of propane and butane in the bilge of the boat, as well as professional gas leak testing equipment from Anton Group.

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Honeywell EzSense Flammable Gas Detector

  • Battery operated portable flammable gas detector
  • Quickly identifies the source of leaks
  • No calibration needed
  • Audible alarm and LED warning on detection
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€38.58 ex VAT

€47.46 inc VAT

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Anton AGM 50 Combustible Gas Detector

  • Portable monitor for all combustible gases
  • One handed operation
  • Visual & audible alarm
  • Adjustable tick rate and sensitivity
  • Gooseneck probe with LED light

This product has been discontinued

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This product has been discontinued

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Nereus LPG and Carbon Monoxide Gas Boat Alarms

  • Mains powered LPG and CO (carbon monoxide) detector
  • Designed specifically for use on boats
  • Unique waterproof sensors can be mounted low in the bilge
  • LED indicators to show power and alarm status

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€461.41 inc VAT

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Crowcon Tetra 3: Portable Multi Gas Monitor

  • Personal monitor for oxygen, toxic and flammable gases
  • Simple one button operation can be easily used even with a gloved hand
  • IP67 rating (water & dust resistant)
  • Available in 5 sensor options

This product has been discontinued

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This product has been discontinued

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