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Infrared and Ultraviolet Fire Detectors

Infrared and Ultraviolet flame detectors are used in areas where traditional smoke detectors would be prone to false alarms.

Infrared beam smoke detectors are used to provide "wide area" smoke detection. They are usually used in situations where it is impractical or not cost effective (due to wiring and maintenance costs) to use traditional point type detectors. Infrared beam detectors are also ideally suited for environments that experience temperature extremes or buildings with high ceilings or large open areas such as warehouses, hangers, shopping centres, airports, sports and leisure centres.

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FireRay 5000 - Motorised Infrared Optical Beam Smoke Detector

  • Motorised auto aligning infrared optical beam smoke detector
  • Kit includes a controller, optical beam detector transceiver and a reflective prism
  • Alarm signal is triggered if smoke enters the beam path
  • Ideal for protecting large areas

From: €509.43 ex VAT

€616.41 inc VAT

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FireRay 3000 End to End Infrared Optical Beam Smoke Detector

  • Kit includes a system controller and separate transmitter and receiver heads
  • Infrared optical beam range of 5m to 120m
  • Features integrated laser alignment aid
  • Ideal for large buildings that use reflective surfaces

€475.00 ex VAT

€574.75 inc VAT

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Nittan Dual Infrared Flame Detector

  • Suitable for two wire systems
  • Supplied with base plate
  • Dual sensor technology increases the responsiveness and efectiveness

€695.72 ex VAT

€841.82 inc VAT

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