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Penetration Protection

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Intumescent products to maintain fire integrity when penetrating walls including pipe wraps, putty, batt, pipe collars and sleeves.

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Fire Door Protection

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Our range of fire door products are suitable for installing on fire doors without compromising their fire integrity which is paramount.

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Electrical Protection

Intumescent Gaskets

Astroflame intumescent socket box covers & socket box inserts expand when exposed to heat, stopping the spread of smoke & fire.

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Intumescent Letter Plates

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Our range of intumescent letter plates are suitable for FD30 and FD60 fire doors, available in different sizes and finishes.

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Intumescent Sealants

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Intumescent sealants are used to fill voids or seal voids or penetrations whilst ensuring that fire integrity is maintained.

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Intumescent Grilles

More info about Intumescent Grilles

Intumescent fire rated grilles suitable for doors & walls without reducing fire protection. Available in a variety of sizes & colours.

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Fire Retardant Sprays

Fire retardant sprays to protect a variety of materials

Fire retardant sprays can be used on a range of materials giving them protection from open flames and catching fire.

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Welding Drapes

Medium and Heavy Duty Welding Drapes

Ideal for use as a protective barrier in industrial areas where cutting and welding operations are being carried out.

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