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Portable Fire Escape Ladders

Portable fire escape ladders are stored near the escape window and deployed in an emergency. Available in a range of lengths, portable ladders are suitable for a variety of applications and can be hooked over the bottom of a window or clipped onto a fixed point before being deployed.

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EasyScape Fire Escape Ladder

  • Suitable for all windows and wall thicknesses
  • Can be used over sloping roofs
  • Ladder clips into eyebolts on inside wall
  • Rapid deployment
15 Customer Reviews

From: €109.95 ex VAT

€133.04 inc VAT

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KletterFix Fire Escape Ladder

  • Suitable for windows and balconies with straight drops
  • Available lengths: 5m (15ft), 8m (24ft) and 12m (36ft)
  • Rung width: 330mm (12.9inch)
7 Customer Reviews

€115.00 ex VAT

€139.15 inc VAT

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Rollo Roll-Out ladder

  • Adjustable hooks for varying wall thickness
  • Available lengths: 4.3m (14ft) and 7.0m (23ft)
  • Can roll safely over slanted roofs
  • Rung width: 330mm (12.9inch)
9 Customer Reviews

From: €139.95 ex VAT

€169.34 inc VAT

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