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Replacement Hammer and Chain for Panic Bolt - Redlam

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Product Overview

The hammer and chain is an essential component of the Redlam panic bolt. The hammer is used to break the fitted tube, which allows the bolt to retract and the door to release. Hammer and chains can be purchased separately to replace those which have been misplaced or just to keep as a spare.

  • Designed for use with the Redlam MK1 and MK2 panic bolts
  • The chain and handle allow for sufficient holding during use
  • Used to break ceramic and glass tubes fitted in the bolt
  • Easy to use and install
Compatibility Overview

The table below shows the emergency bolts that are suitable for use with the replacement hammer and chain.

Model Number Type of Unit
TGPBMK1 Redlam Panic Bolt - MK1 and MK2
Technical Data

Technical Data

This is the technical data for the Replacement Hammer and Chain for Panic Bolt - Redlam.

Product Code TG39/51921
Weight 1.00kg
FAQs (4)

Q. Which panic bolt is suitable to use on an external gate?

A. The Kingpin emergency bolt, which is available with a stainless steel bolt and is powder coated can be used externally.

Q. Can a panic bolt be fitted with a push pad to an emergency exit door for extra security?

A. No,a panic bolt should not be fitted to an emergency exit already fitted with a push pad device, as in an emergency situation both devices would have to be operated to open the door which could result in confusion. For extra security an alarm device such as the exit stopper door alarm can be fitted. This device is fitted to the door and when the push pad is used and the door opens the alarm sounds to signal that the emergency exit has been opened.

Q. Does the Redlam Panic Bolt meet the requirements of BS EN 1125 ?

A. The Redlam Panic Bolt does not conform to BS standard. However we do list other panic bolts on our website which conform to BS standards.

Q. Can glass panic bolts still be used?

A. Currently there is no legislation related to glass panic bolts to say they cannot be used. However the glass replacement tubes do produce sharp edges. There is an alternative product that can be used which is ceramic and does not produce sharp edges when smashed.

Pricing & Availability

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Product Code: TG39/51921 Stock Level:
18 in stock Expected dispatch: 23rd Sep

€9.24 ex VAT

€11.36 inc VAT

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The product is ideal and fit for purpose.

Published on: 24th March 2014

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Delivery took place faster than stated, very pleased

Published on: 22nd September 2011

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Published on: 23rd May 2011

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