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Saffold Fold-Out Fire Escape Ladder

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Product Overview

Saffold fire escape ladders are discreet, compact and easy to use fold-out ladders that are permanently fitted. Quickly and simply opened, the Saffold ladder is perfect for evacuation in an emergency. The ladder is fixed to the external wall of a building and can be opened by an anti-tamper release pin located at the top. When not in use, the low-profile design of the ladder (only 74mm) and the locking pin at the top of the ladder deter potential vandals and prevent unauthorised use of the ladder from the bottom.

  • Unobtrusive slimline design provides a discreet, drainpipe look when the ladder is not in use
  • 100% anodised aluminium construction and stainless steel fixings provide excellent weatherproof properties
  • Anti-slip rungs - concealed within the ladder's profile when closed, providing protection
  • Anti-tamper release pin located at the top of the ladder
  • Burglar proof – the ladder cannot be accessed from ground level
  • Supplied with photoluminescent sign providing clear identification of the escape point at each release station
  • 15 year warranty
  • The ladder is made up of sections that are connected together on site
  • Maximum of 3 people per floor (max weight 100kg per person) can descend the ladder at the same time. Each rung contributes to the technical load-bearing capacity of the ladder.
  • Supplied with an easy to follow installation DVD and all required fixings
  • Tested to BS EN 131-2:2010 by SGS, one of the leading UK certification bodies
  • UK manufactured
  • Optional features include a pull out extension handle and a safety harness

Escape From Multiple Floors

Additional release stations can be incorporated to allow the ladder to be accessed from multiple floors, making the ladder suitable for multi-storey buildings.

If you you would like to purchase an additional release station or a need a ladder with escape options from multiple floors please contact us.

Installing the Saffold ladder release station

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More Information

The Folding Mechanism

In an emergency this permanently installed fire escape ladder changes from a slimline, unobtrusive feature into a safe and sturdy fire escape ladder. The anti-tamper locking pins are designed for quick release during emergency situations but also provide protection by eliminating unauthorised access from ground level. Once the pin is released, the ladder is designed to unfold under its own weight creating a stable and structurally sound means of escape.

Installation of the Saffold Ladder

The Ladder is designed to be installed by competent person and comes complete with a helpful installation DVD, all the necessary fittings and 2 masonry drill bits. A copy of the Installation DVD is available for purchase so that you can decide if the Saffold ladder is suitable for your application. Installation of the Saffold ladder involves a general understanding of DIY and use of some basic tools. To help you asses if self installation will be possible the DVD should help make up your mind.

The ladder when opened must NOT touch the ground. This is important to avoid any rubble blocking the full opening of the ladder

Technical Data
Product Code
1.5 metre DPSAF15RV
1.8 metre DPSAF18RV
2.7 metre DPSAF27RV
Brand Saffold

Ladder and rungs: Anodised aluminium

Fixings : Stainless steel

Optional pull-out handle: Anodised aluminium

Maximum load bearing per section

3 people: 100kg per person

Parts Included

Ladder section(s)

Wall brackets

Ladder fixings



Drill bits

Installation DVD

Photoluminescent wall sign

FAQs (6)
Q. Can the Saffold ladder be used with a bottom release pin to climb up from a basement to ground floor?

Yes, the anti-tamper pin supplied with the Saffold ladder can be used at either the top or the bottom of the ladder.

Q. Is the Saffold escape ladder suitable to be installed on listed buildings?

Yes, the Saffold ladder has been successfully installed onto listed buildings, both public and private. The ladder can also be powder coated in any RAL colour.

Q. What type of fire escape ladder is suitable for use with small children and pets?

To be able to carry small children and pets down an escape ladder you would require a child harness or pet harness. These harnesses are suitable for use with all the escape ladders. The escape ladder that is most suitable for use with small children is the externally fixed Saffold ladder. If you would like a portable fire escape ladder suitable for children the X-It ladder offers the most stability. The Amigo ladder is very easy to deploy for children and has strong, wide steps, which help to descend safely.

Q. How do I know what length of Saffold ladder I require?

To calculate the length of your Saffold ladder please refer to the measurement instructions and then enter your required measurements into our calculator.

Q. Can we practice evacuations using the Saffold ladder?

Yes, as long as the ladder is installed next to a window that opens (one that does not have to be smashed to escape through it), the Saffold ladder can be used to practise a full evacuation. After the practice the Saffold ladder can be closed and re-secured in place with the anti-tamper pin.

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Published on: 22nd July 2014


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