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All Smoke Alarms

All Smoke Alarms

Our complete range of smoke & heat alarms include battery & mainspowered, radio-interlinked & 10 year sealed alarms.

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Battery Smoke Alarms

A range of battery operated smoke alarms at low prices

Our battery operated smoke alarms are suitable for homes and are manufactured by quality suppliers such as Ei and Kidde.

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Mains Smoke Alarms

Mains Operated Smoke Alarms

Mains powered smoke and heat alarms certified to BS5839-part 6 Grade D for new domestic buildings and extensions.

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Radio-Interlinked Alarms

Wireless or Radio-Interlinked Smoke Alarms

Radio-interlinked smoke alarms connect through radio frequency signals to ensure a fire alarm is heard in the entire building.

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Ionisation Smoke Alarms

Buy ionisation smoke alarms and other smoke alarm models

Ionisation smoke alarms are particularly good at detecting fast flaming fires. Best for landings and office spaces.

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Optical Smoke Alarms

Optical or Photo-electric Smoke Alarms

Optical smoke alarms are good at detecting smouldering fires such as soft furnishing. Best for living rooms, bedrooms & hallways.

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Heat Alarms

Heat Alarms

Heat alarms detect changes in temperature in a room. Ideal for kitchens & garages where smoke or mist may often be present.

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Longlife Battery Alarms

Sealed Smoke Alarms with Ten Year Battery Life

Smoke and heat alarms with sealed-in longlife lithium batteries that don't require replacing and last for 10 years.

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Combined Alarms with Multiple Sensors

Multi-sensor Alarms

Multi-sensor alarms combine different sensor types into a single unit to create a sensitive unit without false alarms.

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Easichange Replacement Kits

Ei Easichange replacment kits for Ei140, 150 and 160 series

Easichange kits provide users with the tools and parts to replace Ei mains powered smoke alarms from the 140, 150 and 160 series.

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Smoke Alarms for the Deaf

Smoke Alarms for the Deaf and the Hard-of-Hearing

This range of devices are designed to alert those with poor / no hearing to fire danger. Wired & wireless alarm systems available.

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Remotes, Testers, Cleaners

Smoke Alarm Testers and Cleaners

A range of  remote controls and simple and easy to use test sprays as well as cleaning products for your smoke alarms.

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Replacement Batteries

Replacement batteries for smoke alarms - 9V Alkaline, Lithium longlife

Long life lithium batteries last up to 5 times longer than alkaline batteries and up to 10 times longer than carbon-zinc batteries.

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Covers and Cages

Anti-vandal cages and covers for smoke alarms and smoke alarm devices

A range of anti-vandal covers and cages designed to protect your smoke alarms and alarm products from vandalism and misuse.

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